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Virtual Reality for Basic Life Support Training in High School Students: Thematic Analysis of Focus Group Interviews

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e53212

0 18 0
Immediate Impact of an 8-Week Virtual Reality Educational Program on Burnout and Work Engagement Among Health Care Professionals: Pre-Post Pilot Study

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e55678

0 18 0
Exploring How Virtual Reality Could Be Used to Treat Eating Disorders: Qualitative Study of People With Eating Disorders and Clinicians Who Treat Them

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e47382

0 12 0
Using Virtual Reality to Reduce Stress in Adolescents: Mixed Methods Usability Study

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e49171

0 9 0
Perspectives of Medical Students and Developers Regarding Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and 3D Printing Technologies: Survey Study

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e54230

0 8 1
Brain Activation During Virtual Reality Symptom Provocation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Proof-of-Concept Study

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e47468

0 4 0
What is Diminished Virtuality? A Directional and Layer-Based Taxonomy for the Reality-Virtuality Continuum

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e52904

0 4 0
Barriers and Facilitators to the Implementation of Virtual Reality Interventions for People With Chronic Pain: Scoping Review

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e53129

0 3 0
Factors Associated With Risky Drinking Decisions in a Virtual Reality Alcohol Prevention Simulation: Structural Equation Model

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e56188

0 3 0
Experience of Youths and Older People With Virtual Reality Games for Cognitive Assessment: Inductive Thematic Analysis and Insights for Key Stakeholders

JMIR XR Spatial Comput 2024;1(1):e59197

0 0 0

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